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Northern Uganda Literacy Program

The Northern Uganda Literacy Program (NULP) was our main initiative from 2013-2016.


It had the goals of increasing literacy rates through local language instruction, enhancing education quality through effective materials and teachers, and fostering a culture of reading among pupils, parents and communities within a cost-effective and scalable framework. 

The NULP was the subject of a Randomized Control Trial throughout its entire duration. Specific results from that trial, which was conducted by the Ichuli Institute, can be found on our Research page. 

The Randomized Control Trial found that the NULP delivered the best results of any literacy program that has ever been studied in this way. We believe in sharing the knowledge we've acquired from our work, because our goal is to have all pupils in the Lango Sub-region learning to read so that they can start reading to learn. 


As such, all the resources used by our teachers and pupils during the NULP can be downloaded from this page, and are free for anyone to use.   

Primary One Resources

Primary Two Resources

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