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Books can be windows into another world, or mirrors that allow us to see our own lives.

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We created this Parent Literacy Guidebook for the parents of children who are in the classrooms of our Teacher Mentor Program teachers.

It is intended to be used by parents who are interested in ways to improve their children's literacy level at home. 

We hope to print additional copies of this book to offer to the general public along with our storybooks!

Open Licensing Book Project

In early April, we held our first radio talk show focused on the book sales.

The community response is very positive, and we're excited to start getting feedback on individual book sales.

The next day, books sold out at Denis's sales point in Lira, and we were able to identify interested vendors in at least two more districts!

We've received a small grant to test the local language book market in Lango. Here's what we've accomplished since January 2019:

We've printed 24,000 books (2,000 copies of the twelve titles in our proposal). 

We've hired a sales manager, Joseph Ogwal, and he's completed his orientation. 

We were able to manage the cost so that we are selling the books to vendors at UGX 1500 ($0.40) and vendors resell them for UGX 2000 ($0.50). 

We've identified new vendors:


1. Denish Okwir, who will sell books in Lira District.


2. Foundation for Inclusive Community Help, a small NGO working in Oyam and Kole districts. They will use youth who have graduated from their small enterprise program to sell books as a practical application of their training. 

We held a one-day vendor training for these individuals in late March...

...And they began selling books!

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