Our Work

To support Ugandans in the Lango Sub-region in building a culture of local language literacy.

We train teachers to effectively use and understand the National Literacy Model.

CPD Meeting with Lira/Kole district

teachers and Head Teachers who

are being trained by our program.

P1 children using books designed, printed, and supplied by Mango Tree.  

We create and print books in Leblango, so children have stories that remind them of their own lives.

We invite parents into our work whenever possible, and encourage them to be involved in their child's learning.

A parent learning how to continue literacy instruction at home. 

Enumerator conducting an Early Grade Reading Assessment.

We employ the best research methods to measure our impact and ensure that our work can be replicated.

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Plot 58, Ogwal Ajungu Road, PO Box 760

Lira, Uganda