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We are a learning organization committed to contributing to a body of evidence for government and policymakers that details relevant, cost effective and scalable models for teacher effectiveness and parent and community engagement in local language literacy in an African context. 

Summaries of Research Findings:

We often partner with the Ichuli Institute, which also has an office in Lira. 

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Academic Papers

This paper demonstrates the acute sensitivity of education program effectiveness to the choices of inputs and outcome measures, using a randomized evaluation of a mother-tongue literacy program. The program raises reading scores by 0.64SDs and writing scores by 0.45SDs...

Abstract: Teaching quality is known to be critical for students’ education and life prospects in developed countries. However, little is known about how teacher quality affects student learning in Africa. This paper presents the first estimates of teacher value-added from an African country, using data from a school-based RCT in northern Uganda...

Academic Citations

Teachers are crucial to the learning process. Every year, we get new evidence from a new country on how much value an effective teacher adds. This is one area where evidence lines up with intuition: Even without a bunch of value added measures, most of us would readily admit that without good teachers, we wouldn't be where we are today...

Even after spending five to six years sitting in a classroom almost every day for anywhere between four to seven hours, a significant share of students in low- and middle-income countries are still not able to read, write, or do basic arithmetic. What explains this "learning crisis?" A growing body of evidence suggests that poor teaching practices and little to no learning inside the classroom are the main culprits. As such, the learning crisis reflects a teaching crisis... 

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